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Ceramic bowl Chulucanas ceramics

Ceramic bowl Chulucanas ceramics

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Traditional Art Chulucanas ceramics are a living example of traditional Peruvian art. These pieces reflect the history, culture and beliefs of the region and preserve the techniques and styles of the ancestors. Intricate Designs, Chulucanas pottery is famous for its intricate and elaborate designs.

The region's artisans use engraving and painting techniques to create geometric patterns, human figures, animals and elements of nature. Firing Technique: Chulucanas potters use a special firing technique to achieve the distinctive black and white finish on their pieces. This controlled kiln firing process is essential to maintaining the unique colors and texture of this ceramic.

Innovation in design, Although Chulucanas ceramics are based on a centuries-old tradition, the artisans have also incorporated more contemporary design elements. This has led to the creation of pieces that maintain the traditional spirit but also adapt to modern tastes. UNIQUE AND HANDMADE PIECES: Each Chulucanas ceramic is unique as it is made individually by hand.

Diameter: 28 cm

Handmade in Peru

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